This weeks top five

This weeks top five

Our #6 ranked product on our list here at Hello Beautiful is the Devacurl super cream. Devacurl is a company specifically for any type of curly hair. They cover hair from wavy to the tightest curls you can imagine. Here we will use the products with their special haircut and style it with the products that are made for your type of hair. The supercream is made for curly hair that needs curl control, definition, and if you want a silky moisture. This product will do everything from taming frizz to shaping your curls. It will lengthen, and boost volume all at once. You can twist out and add shine all at once. You don’t need to use a lot and depending on what you want to do, and the type of hair you have, depends on how you use it. Our stylists will be more than happy to show you how to control and style your curls.

Down in the seventh spot is our L’Oreal Inforcer Conditioner. This is part of the luxurious side of the well loved company L’Oreal. This product focuses on fragile, damaged hair. It targets your breakage and split ends targeting to leave it soft and healthier than before. When you use it more often your hair will become more resilient and stronger. It uses B6 and Botin ( known for strength) to accomplish its mission and it’s especially made for long hair! For maximum results be sure to use the shampoo too, and if you still aren’t sure if this is the right mixture for you then come on in to one of the best hair salon fort lauderdale and we will let you know the best choice.  

Number eight is the well loved One Condition Decadence by the company we talked about earlier named Devacurl. It is a moisturizing milk conditioner. If you have super curly or curly hair that needs moisture, and you want it soft and frizz free. It gives effortless moisture, great strength, amazing nourishment and strong protection for your curls. Their formula creamy, made with chufa milk, quinoa protein to take your hair from dry to overflowing with moisture. Your end result will be soft silky hair that’s easy to detangle and most importantly easy for you to style.

Ranking in number nine is not an actual conditioner or gel. It is our vitamins/ supplements. They are Phytophanere hair and nail supplements. It’s made of only natural ingredients, they give great nourishment, and fatty acids and antioxidants that are essential for healthy hair growth and strengthen your nails. It has also been known to illuminate skin and even help your lashes, which isn’t often thought about. All you have to do is take two a day (recommended to take in the morning) over four months, it’s that simple, just like any other supplement.

Last but certainly not least, our last product for this post is the amazing Sexy Hair’s Healthy Sexy Hair Shampoo. We have talked plenty about the brand Sexy Hair, but not enough on the product Healthy Sexy Hair. Sexy Hair has man lines of products organized by color to cater to your specific hair type, but because everyone is different and so is your hair, you can mix the products to help you get the best hair you can. This shampoo includes mimosa oil and moonstones. It cleans and moisturizes your hair in a gentle manner. It also can be used daily to help moisture and add shine to your dry and damaged hair.

 At Hello Beautiful our number one priority is to maintain the integrity of your hair. Using the wrong products can have such a terrible impact on your hair. Professional products go through extensive testing and are specifically formulated to give the results you are looking for. While over the counter products may contain the similar ingredients, the concentration are not typically created equal. Have you ever heard your hair stylist say “A little bit of product goes a long way” it is true for professional products. You may spend a little more at the salon but you will use less product and have the gorgeous sexy hair you desire.

   Purchasing products at the salon ensures quality and safety. At Hello Beautiful Salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida we want you all to look your very best you. Our experienced stylists can customize an array of products to make your glorious hair the center of attention. Whether you have extensions, curls, fine hair, dry hair, or oily hair, we have something for everyone at the party. We carry exclusively DevaCurl, Phyto, Big Sexy Hair, Loreal, Olaplex, and Uberliss. Come in and experience the best hair for your beautiful you.