Wedding days made easy!

Wedding days made easy!

Since wedding season is almost year round in Florida, we have some tips to getting your hair ready for the big day and who else to do your bridal hair other than the best salon in Fort lauderdale Florida…Hello Beautiful Salon! 

Once a Month: Show your locks a little tenderness with a deep conditioning treatment. It’ll help mend ends and fortify your strands while making them silky smooth — and, come on, like you’ll really mind just sitting still and doing nothing for 10 minutes! For stressed tresses, we offer L’Oréal Powemix and multiple other treatments at Hello Beautiful Salon, in Fort  Lauderdale Florida.

Once a Week: Give your hair a rest! All that drying, styling and, yes, even shampooing has been causing it some serious stress. If you feel you can’t go even one day without at least a good scrub, use a shampoo that’s formulated for frequent use, like one of our Sexy Hair sulfate free options. Here at Hello Beautiful, the best hair salon in Fort Lauderdale Florida, owner Diane is also an educator for Sexy hair. All of our amazing stylist stay educated and up to date with the latest trends and hair care products and can assist you with the best in salon and take home hair care. 

Once a Day: If you’re a blow-dryer (or flatiron) junkie, protect your locks first. Our stylist at Hello Beautiful Salon highly recommend  the new Sexy Hair Protect Me Hot Tool Protection Spray. Get up to a 78% reduction in breakage with Hot Sexy Protect Me Hot Tool Protection Hairspray by Sexy Hair! This high performing heat protection spray protects hair up to 450F making it an excellent way to defend hair against harsh temperatures. Plus, it adds incredible softness and shine for smooth, beautiful locks. With the Ft. Lauderdale Florida heat and humidity, this is a must have! 

At Least Once: Get a trim to remove your dead ends and clean up your cut. If you do this only once, do it a week before your wedding. Worried your roots will be unwelcome wedding guests? Make sure to prebook all of your appointments at Hello Beautiful Salon, the best salon in Ft. Lauderdale Florida for all of your wedding day prep. Our stylist would love to get you ready for your wedding day! Want to book a whole day for you and your bridal party? Here at Hello Beautiful, the best salon in Ft. Lauderdale, we can accommodate that! 

Now that that part is out of the way, here are some other tips that our talented stylist at Hello Beautiful, the best salon in Fort Lauderdale have for your wedding day!

•Always, always, always do a run through. If your Hello Beautiful Salon stylist charges for this, pay. It’s so important for you to get a feel of how your hair will look on that day, and equally as important for your Hello Beautiful Salon stylist to get to work with your hair a bit. On that same note, since you most likely live in South Florida or Fort Lauderdale and are having a bridal portrait taken, don’t rely on that day to be your run through. 

•When choosing a bridal style, make sure you pick something that you feel pretty in. Do you prefer your hair down? Wear it down, but do something special, like hair extensions. We have highly trained stylist at Hello Beautiful Salon, in Fort Lauderdale Florida that can perfect your hair with some added length or volume with high quality hair extensions! 

• Don’t lie about how it’s coming together while your Hello Beautiful Salon stylist is working. It’s much easier to tweak a style as she is working, instead of changing things once it’s completed. If a bobby pin is poking your head, or you wish you had a little more volume on top, tell the stylist right away. It’s not rude or annoying to be told to make subtle changes. Our Hello Beautiful hair stylist would rather know how to fix it than to leave you unhappy right before you walk down the aisle. 

• Be creative! We have had a few brides wear one hairstyle for the ceremony, and switch to something new during the reception. Of course, it’s easiest if your Hello Beautiful hair stylist is attending the wedding itself! See if you can have it loosely pinned up for the ceremony, and then take out some pins to let it down a bit for the reception. That’s a fun way to change your look throughout the day! 

• If you are getting married in a humid, hot climate, like Ft. Lauderdale Florida, talk to your Hello Beautiful hair stylist about any concerns you might have. Consider the weather! Unless your Hello Beautiful stylist is a magician (which we might not be exactly but we are the best hair salon in Ft, Lauderdale 😉 humidity and heat can melt a hairstyle with a quickness. Instead of forcing it and ending up looking hot and messy after the ceremony, sweep your hair off your neck so you don’t need to worry about it at all. Maybe try some trendy yet timeless braid designs. They work well with up-do’s and even if you still want to wear your hair down, but not your average every day hair style. 

So if you want the best salon in Fort Lauderdale to assist you and your bridal party with your hair and makeup for you big day give us a call and book your appointments! 

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