Think outside the box (color)!

Think outside the box (color)!

Reap all the benefits professional hair color has to offer!

Are you using box hair color in-between salon visits? Do you use box hair color as a “quick cover up?” If you do, don’t! Box hair color is unsafe on the hair and can actually damage your hair from the roots!

Did you know: clients with tattoos are more likely to have an allergic reaction to the harsh chemicals contained in box color. Chemical cocktails in typical box hair dyes easily penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, producing effects in any part of the body. This includes blistering, a rash, swelling, itchy or dry scalp, and many more.

Why is box color bad? 

When getting your hair done at our Professional Hair Salon, our stylists work to customize your hair color, intricately adding the right hues and tones to make a perfect shade. Conversely, box hair color is another way of saying “one size fits all,” which we all know to be false. Box color is formulated so that everyone and anyone can use it. There is no way that a box will be able to know exactly what you are looking for and produce those perfect shades. For a stylist to come up with your formula, they must consider your natural level and underlying pigment, skin tone, level of porosity, previous artificial pigments, and percentage of gray (if any). A box color will not consider any of these things and simply comprises a formula which they believe will suit the majority. The results of which are unknown.

There is no such thing as a “good bottle application” of color; the ornate techniques stylists use to apply your Hair Color are precisely applied from the regrowth to the demarcation line. Additionally, in the Best Hair Salon in Ft. Lauderdale, our stylists can see things in your hair that you can’t. Not to mention splotchy patches of white, yellow, orange, or who knows what color!

Box hair color companies are doing a great job at brainwashing the public. Sure, you want to have gorgeous, shiny, bouncy hair like Gwen Stefani, Beyonce and Eva Longoria (famous box color endorsers). However, they most certainly do not use box hair color. They pay well over the hundreds for their hair color and you’re paying $10. Reality check! If you want great hair color mimicking celebs, the only realistic approach is to come to our Certified Hair Salon in Ft. Lauderdale and get a stylist to determine what is best for you!

Your hair is almost always guaranteed to feel like straw after using a box color. Why is this so? The reason why your hair feels like straw is because it is traveling further and further down the porosity scale. This means that your hair is becoming more vulnerable to penetration, and as a result, the damage level of your hair is rising. It is not unlikely that you are getting close to losing some hair… not good!

It is imperative to remember, our hair stylists have attended cosmetology school and are licensed to work with your hair. Not only does a lack of knowledge make at-home box color unpredictable, the quality of the product itself is no where near as safely potent as the products we use in our Hair Salon.

Box color is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Will a $10 box hair color really be that affordable after a lengthy, and costly color correction? Save yourself the waste of $10, call us today and book your next hair color appointment! You won’t regret it and your hair definitely won’t.

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