Microblading and Bayalage

Microblading and Bayalage

Microblading Your Eyebrows: What Are The Benefits?

There is no doubt that eyebrows are the most important facial feature. Whether yours are arched and feathered or straight and bold, it is important that they are always looking sharp and fresh. The truth is, eyebrows are not created equally. Some eyebrows require little effort to look perfect while others require the help of a small miracle just to get by. There are so many ways to enhance your eyebrows- either with different makeup such as brow gel or powder, pencils, tattooing, or the new and modern microblading, which delivers a semi-permanent result. Microblading is a method of embroidery which uses trompe l’œil strokes that resemble the look of real hairs. Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment that fills in sparse eyebrows. The technique uses a hand-held tool with needles to apply pigments that simulate additional hairs. Go to the best hair salon. Fort Lauderdale hair salon for all your microblading needs.

“Microblading is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows,” says Nadia Afanaseva, microblading expert and trainer at Eye Design New York. Also, she says that those who want to add just a slight arch are also great candidates, and the results are a natural undetectable fringe. With microblading, the best customized shape for every client is chosen. Our certified Hair Salon Stylist at our hair salon in Ft. Lauderdale slowly chooses where to apply each individual stroke, ensuring beautiful results every time. The popularity of microblading is quickly growing in the united States, however it has been popular in parts of Asia and Europe for roughly 25 years. The techniques have only improved since it originated.

Microblading differs from tattooing by the process of individually drawing on strokes one by one. This creates the more natural look that eyebrows should resemble. The process is extremely meticulous and can take around two hours to complete, however the results will leave you in awe. It is not a rushed procedure, and therefore takes time to give beautiful results. Microblading can last up to three years before it begins to fade, depending on the skin and lifestyle of course, which is an important factor in deciding which Hair Salon to go to. Luckily, our Hair Salon in Ft. Lauderdale offers this amazing service, and our certified technician pays very close attention to detail, making sure each stroke is done perfectly.

A microblade tool looks similar to an exacto knife, but instead of there being one big blade, there is a series of micro needles. The microblade is dipped into a selected color of pigment and then used to make a fine cut, or microstroke, in the skin. The pigment is then implanted into the skin, which is called micro pigmentation. With the proper technique, microbladed eyebrows look beautiful and completely natural.

WHAT the heck is balayage?

I’m glad you asked! Balayage is kind of a fancy French word meaning the art of sweeping color onto the hair. Balayage is a highlighting technique in which the color is hand painted onto the hair with a gentle sweeping motion. This process is different than the average lightening technique because the colorist paints the color directly onto the hair, placing the color onto the hair where they see fit and using various shades to achieve a natural looking shade. While your colorist can use a balayage technique to create fresh, high-contrast highlights like you would get with a more traditional highlighting process, the technique is best for looks that have a subtle progression of color. The end result of this highly customized process is a natural, sun-kissed look that emphasizes your best features.

NO BALAYAGE is the same! Since balayage isn’t your traditional highlighting technique requiring foils and specific placement, balayage will give you a ONE-OF-A-KIND look, that compliments YOUR specific features. Only book your appointment at the best hair salon, Fort Lauderdale hair salon for balayage.

WHO should perform a balayage?

Balayage (no matter how few or subtle) should ONLY be done by a PROFESSIONAL stylist.. Again, this is a HIGHLIGHTING technique, so bleach and lighteners are used to achieve your unique highlighted look.

Many drug stores/ beauty supply stores sell balayage kits claiming to be easy, DIY, and they usually have a picture on the box of a girl with beautifully balayage hair… (trust me ladies and gentlemen, she DID NOT do it herself, nor did her best friend/ boyfriend/ etc) only trust the best hair salon. Bleach and lightener can lead to hair DISASTERS if used incorrectly so PLEASE just stick with a professional_ we know what we’re doing! Fort Lauderdale hair salon can help you achieve the perfect look!

When should you get a balayage?

WHENEVER! better yet, RIGHT NOW!!

Balayage is such a popular hair trend right now, its flattering on most women, its very low maintenance when done correctly, and it can help enhance your natural features and brighten your skin.

Balayage is popular ALL year round ladies and gentlemen! Especially so in the summer when all of us want a little bit of brightening, or maybe we just want a subtle change that we won’t have to maintain as often as traditional highlights in foils.

Where to get your balayage done?

Like mentioned above, Balayage should ONLY be done by a professional in a salon. Best hair salon Fort Lauderdale. Now, as far as who to chose to perform this lovely service on you will probably require a little bit of research. You want to be sure that the salon you’re getting your balayage done at actually specializes in the Balayage technique. Balayage may also be referred to as Ombre, Natural/ Sunkissed highlights, or hand painted highlights, etc. You do not want to be someones first balayage client. So be sure to look for pictures, read reviews, or even type in “Salons that do balayage highlights near me”.

Why to balayage?

It’s a beautiful transition from dark to light without seeing any lines. There are many different techniques to create this effect, your stylist will know which one to chose to be most flattering for your unique look and style. Balayage is popular, it’s fashionable, it’s on the cover of magazines, its low maintenance, cost effective, allows people with dark hair to seek variation in hair color without making it feel unnatural or too” different. It can also be done quite extreme with a lot more contrast for the more daring. For those daring, fun-color hair lovers, Balayage is the first step your stylist needs to complete in order to have those fun colors blend into your hair. It’s for reds, blondes, brunettes, straight, wavy & curly hair, ANYONE can pull this look off! So do your research and hurry up and book your appointment for Balayage today!

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