Long Sexy Hair Care products

Long Sexy Hair Care products

For all of you with long hair, I’m sure we can agree that maximizing moisture and softness levels in our hair is very important! Good thing our Ft. Lauderdale Hair Salon is equipped with the perfect hair care product line for you! Whether your long hair is natural, processed, extensions or not, the Long Sexy Hair care line ensures a deep cleanse, softness, shine and hydration.

Ideal for hair extensions and long hair, this gentle hair care line, formulated with moringa oil & biotin, cleanses while providing soft, shiny and moisturized hair. Moringa oil serves as a natural hair cleanser and moisturizer. This is ideal for people with dry scalp, or a large amount of hair to ensure optimal moisture, from cuticle to tip! This oil also strengthens your hair by delivering important minerals and vitamins to the hair follicles. In other words, rejuvenating your hair from deep within! These same minerals and vitamins make your hair stronger and fight dandruff and split ends. It has great healing properties which makes it ideal for hair care. Our team here at Hello Beautiful Hair Salon in Fort Lauderdale believe in providing you with the beautiful hair that you desire, and that starts with making sure your hair is at and stays at its healthiest state!

Biotin also proves many benefits for the hair as well. Biotin deficiency in the hair and body can cause hair loss as well as thin, brittle and splitting hairs. Since biotin is part of the vitamin B group (B7), it assists in maintaining healthy hair. Biotin has been used to help strengthen and moisturize hair. It is also used to nourish thinning hair and help promote hair growth. Biotin is also known as Vitamin H, which stems from the German words “Haar” and “Haut” that means hair and skin. Biotin benefits go a long way in helping treat hair loss, hair shedding, and overall hair damage. If you are brushing your hair and you notice breakage or strands of hair falling out, biotin products may be right for you. Especially those of you with long hair, in order to maintain the length you must do your part and provide your hair with all necessary nutrients to ensure long, gorgeous, healthy hair.

Our Hair Salon has got you covered: the Long Sexy Hair care line is here to save the day! In order to achieve the best cleanse for your hair, start by applying shampoo to the roots. Scrub and massage it into your scalp using the palms of your fingertips only! NEVER scrub your scalp with your fingernails. This could be very damaging to your head and could irritate the skin when product comes in contact with the scratches. After the shampoo is completely lathered into your scalp, move down the shaft of your hair and lather it into the rest. Although it may seem pointless, don’t forget to shampoo your ends as well! All parts of your hair deserve to be moisturized and cleansed!

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