Hello Beautiful: Products Edition

Hello Beautiful: Products Edition

Hello Beautiful: Home Care Products Edition

Hello, Beautiful’s! This week I wanted to bring up your personal at-home hair care. The reason why is because you could get the most amazing service at your salon. But, if you’re using products at home that don’t align with your individual needs, then you’re doing your hair and yourself a complete disservice.

Here is a prime example: If you have dry, brittle hair, using a shampoo for oily hair would strip out the little natural oils you have (and desperately need), and your hair would be left even drier than you anticipated. No, your hair needs a non-aggressive moisture shampoo and conditioner. Same principle goes for fine, limp hair. You would not want to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. It would coat your hair and weigh it down, causing your pretty locks to just lay limp.

Bottom line, using the wrong products can have such a terrible impact on your hair. Professional products go through extensive testing and are specially formulated to deliver the results you are expecting. While over-the-counter products can carry similar ingredients, the concentration levels are not typically created equal. With professional products, a little goes a long way. You may spend a little more at the salon, but you will use less over time. Once you do the math on the life-extension of your professional grade products, you will see that you really are not spending more over the course of the bottle when you take into consideration the cost per use. Like I tell my daughter, “people can lie, math cannot!”.

While I am on a roll in my rant let’s get on the subject of consistency with using professional products versus drug store buys. Purchasing professional products at a salon ensure quality and safety. What many patrons do not realize is professional branded products sold in drug stores many not actually contain professional grade ingredients. If you want the professional guarantee it is important to purchase from a reputable salon.

At Hello Beautiful Salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida we want you all to look your very best you. Our experienced stylists can customize an array of products to make your glorious locks the center of attention. Whether you have extensions, curls, fine hair, dry hair, or oily hair, we have something for everyone at the party. We carry exclusively DevaCurl, Phyto, Big Sexy Hair, Loreal, Olaplex, and Uberliss. Come in and experience the best hair for your beautiful you.

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