Hello Beautiful: Lash Edition

Hello Beautiful: Lash Edition

Hello Beautiful: Lash Edition

Hello, Beautiful’s! Topic of the week is our lashes. Why does it seem like all the boys are blessed at birth with glorious and lush lashes that flutter out of their eyelids, cascading outwardly like a fan at Carnival? It’s just not fair! We try everything to emulate what these guys are naturally just handed at conception.

There are so many things on the market these days. From mascara’s that have fibers to build up existing lashes, false lashes you can temporarily adhere, and even individual lash extension services so you can say, “I woke up like this”. But there is one lone service in the lashes market that falls to the wayside. Drum roll, please…. LASH TINTING!

Can we talk about this silent hero we call lash tinting for a moment? Living in perpetual summer we call sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So eloquently coined “The Venice of America” most of us natives, and local transplants live on the water. If we aren’t boating, surfing, paddle boarding, or playing mermaids in the pool and ocean; we are sipping pina coladas with our toes in the sand. And there is no makeup involved in our water sports and leisure lifestyle. With so many light-haired beauties, one thing that can lack is dark eyelashes. And who wants to be out having fun in the sun, turn around to bat that eyelash at some cutie, and there is a falsie dangling from your eyelid. Not a beautiful look… HELLO! For me, you just can’t put a price on relaxing and feeling gorgeous, glistening in the sun.

**End of rant, back to our hero of the day….

With lash tinting we can take those lashes you already have and bring them back to life. For some, the struggle is their lashes may be just a little too light naturally. Or the length is there, but the tips of the lashes have just faded a little. Personally, I love the blue-black eyelash tints. And let’s be real, what natural blonde or redhead hasn’t dreamt of waking up and rolling out of bed with jet-black eyelashes? It gives such a dramatic and low-maintenance finish and adds that extra level of definition to your eyes without a whole lot of hassle. Lash tinting lasts about 3-5 weeks and you can finally say goodbye to waterproof mascara while working on that tan of yours. Bikini ready summer body? What about bikini ready summer lashes! Psssst… Don’t forget your SPF (at least 30), please and thank you.

At Hello Beautiful Salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida our experienced brow experts have been tinting lashes for several decades. We want to create a Hello Beautiful makeup-free look for you to enjoy your life of leisure at the beach, pool or lake. We only use the best top of the line vegetable-based tints especially made for the delicate and sensitive eye area. We also have these professional tints in an array of colors. They can be customized to fit your individual personality, or kept to look like you were simply born this way. The entire service from start to finish can take 20-30 minutes. Whatever you choose we want you to look your very best you.

One last thing! To reduce your risk of serious eye damage, we do recommend you do not try this at home. This is a job you should leave to the professionals.

Call and book a consultation today with one of our experts. What a better feeling than to never have to hide behind your sunnies again at your next ocean, pool or outdoor BBQ.


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