Hello Beautiful: Curl Edition

Hello Beautiful: Curl Edition

Hello, Beautiful’s! Wanted to talk about curls this week. We all love them. Curls of all shapes and lengths. They look so effortless and give such a boho chic look. As a curly girl myself, I have always cheered on my tribe who embraced their curly locks. Don’t get me wrong, I love having the ability to go straight from time to time. But, there is something so inherently magical about natural curls. For so long curly girls would do almost anything to pull their hair straight. Which eventually led to damage from chemicals and heat styling. The struggle is real, ladies. So, you can imagine my excitement when curls became the popular girl again.

But let’s be real, there is no such thing as “low-maintenance” curly hair. It’s quite an oxymoron. You’ll never see those words together to create that phrase! Curly hair is beautiful for many reasons. The important players are: DNA, product, and the perfect haircut. All three of those combined create the trifecta, and you can’t have one without the other.

There are several methods out there that tout themselves as having the best theories on cutting curly hair. But in my humble opinion, the best theory we have found is the almighty DevaCut method. Curly girls unite to obsess about one thing: The DevaCut! And, they can’t all be cheering for the wrong team. Just go to Instagram, you’ll see. Tens of thousands of women are proudly displaying their miraculous curls that have been saved by DevaCuts.

Most salons all do the same thing… Shampoo your hair, pull it straight with a comb, and cut. While wet cutting works well for straight hair, that can be a recipe for disaster for our curls. Think about it, when your hair starts to dry your curls spring up. And we all know that curls are like snowflakes, no two are the same. What can happen is you could be left with uneven curls, and sadly a wonky haircut. Not a pretty look! DevaCurl does the exact opposite. The hair is cut in it’s natural state, so you can see how the curls will lay. Dry-cutting curly hair, what a brilliant concept!

Another thing that needs to be discussed is products. Not all shampoos, conditioners and styling products are created equally either. Back in my day (ok, i’m about to age myself) we were lucky if our moms bought us Aussie Scrunch Spray. When my hair dried, I could hammer nails into walls with a lock of hair. Anyone need a shelf hung? You can imagine how happy I was when the industry finally started to come out with products made just for us. DevaCurl has a product for all types of porosity. They take curls seriously and that’s why we love them for it. Update: I can no longer hammer nails with my hair. DevaCurl made sure of that!

We at Hello Beautiful Hair Salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida want you to look your very best you. Beautiful! We understand just how important the right haircut and style can be for our individual clients. Our stylists have gone through the DevaCurl training, and have received high accolades in their certification. If you have curly hair and are looking for certified DevaCut stylists, come in for a consultation. Do you know someone struggling with their curls? Give them a Hello Beautiful gift card. We will walk you (or your friend) through the entire process from your haircut to tailoring products to keep your curls looking amazing ’til your next shampoo. Still on the fence? Wanna see the proof in our pudding? Just check out all our happy curly girls on our Instagram page: @hello_beautiful_salon

And don’t forget to wave that curly hair flag free!