Hair Extensions

Tape-In Human Hair Extensions

If having long, voluminous hair in just a 3 hour salon visit sounds beautiful to you, then our 100% human Remy Hair Extension may be just what you need!

Pro's of Our Hair Extensions
  • 100% human Remy Hair Extensions, which means they won’t tangle easily when properly maintained.

  • We use top-quality Asian Tape-In Hair Extensions.

  • Asian hair is:

    • stronger hair due to extremely thick outer cuticle

    • less prone to breakage

    • texture that is easy to blend with your hair

  • Our hair extensions can be cut, glazed, straightened, and curled!

  • Our hair extensions may be reused if properly cared for.

  • Our hair extensions last 1 1/2 – 2 months!

Your Investment?

The investment prices listed below all include your wash, application of hair extensions, blending haircut, and style! Most will average 2-3 packs of hair extensions for an entire application.

*$350 per pack of hair extensions

$325 per pack if 3 or more packs of hair extensions are needed

Recommended Products

To ensure longevity and health of your hair extensions, Hello Beautiful has all the necessary shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and any styling products you may need!

– Call now for your hair color math and consultation with one of our highly trained and certified stylists!


*Prices may vary.

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