Hello Ladies we are back with our products of the week! This week we want to focus on hair extensions. Here at the best hair salon in Ft. lauderdale we do hair extensions and we take pride on sending our clients home with the right at home hair care. Hair extensions need the proper care for them to last. So this week we are focusing on our Long Sexy Hair brand. Here at hair extensions Ft. Lauderdale we get a wide variety of customers.

   The long sexy hair this gentle Shampoo cleanses while helping provide softness, shine and hydration to extensions and long hair. Condition of hair is optimized for better styling.Luxurious Shampoo, infused with Moringa Oil & Biotin, gently cleanses while helping provide softness, shine and hydration to extensions and long hair.

 The long sexy hair Luxurious Conditioner, is infused with Moringa Oil & Biotin, gently conditions while helping provide softness, shine and hydration to extensions and long hair.

  In Between shampoos we recommend for hair extensions the Luxe Dry Shampoo, it’s infused with Moringa Oil & Biotin helps absorb excess oils and impurities from hair. It helps
 To Help detangle those extensions without pulling your extensions out we recommend:The  Luxe Detangler. It’s infused with Moringa Oil & Biotin, provides 82% better detangling, adds moisture and smoothness to extensions and long hair.

 Extensions are so beautiful and costly you want to make sure you get the most out of them! The sexy hair line carries the most safest products to use on extensions.    

This is our at home regimen for hair extensions

– Always Use Recommended Aftercare Products.
-Wait 48 Hours Before Washing Hair After Extension Service. -Always Keep Conditioner Off Scalp and Extension Tape.
-Always Blow-dry Roots and Attachments Thoroughly. -Use Styling Tools At 400 Degrees Or Less.
-Only Use Extension Brush Provided By Your Stylist.
-Never Pull, Tug, or Rub Vigorously on Extensions.
-When Brushing, Always Support Extensions At The Root.
-Use Silicone/Shine Styling Products Sparingly and Always Keep Away From
-Do Not Tie Hair Back Tightly. Wear In Loose Braid If Putting It Back.
-Sunscreens And Argan Oil Products May Alter The Color Of Extensions. Make Sure These Products Do Not Come In Contact With Extensions.
-Never Go To Bed With Wet Extensions.

As you can see hair extensions are no joke and they should be taken care of always!

 Purchasing products at the salon ensures quality and safety. At Hello Beautiful Salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida we want you all to look your very best you. Our experienced stylists can customize an array of products to make your glorious hair the center of attention. Whether you have extensions, curls, fine hair, dry hair, or oily hair, we have something for everyone at the party. We carry exclusively DevaCurl, Phyto, Big Sexy Hair, Loreal, Olaplex, and Uberliss. Come in and experience the best hair for your beautiful you.