Career Paths for Cosmetlogists

Once you are a licensed cosmetologist, you will be amazed at how many career opportunities await  you. The possibilities are endless! Within the industry there are numerous specialties.We are fortunate to be in such a great location for the beauty industry and I’m sure one...

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Think outside the box (color)!

Reap all the benefits professional hair color has to offer! Are you using box hair color in-between salon visits? Do you use box hair color as a "quick cover up?" If you do, don't! Box hair color is unsafe on the hair and can actually damage...

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Phyto: All you need to know!

The PHYTO haircare product line, created by celebrity hairdresser Patrick Alès, is botanically based, consisting of the rich and unprocessed nutrients and minerals that your hair so desires. Botanists and biochemists work to identify the most active plant extracts that function to reveal your hair's...

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