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Best Salon Hair Extensions In Ft. Lauderdale

Best Salon Hair Extensions In Ft. Lauderdale

Hello Beautiful best salon ft. lauderdale does some of the best extensions in the state. Diane is a master with tape in extensions. From color matching to perfect blending, extensions are an investment and they should not only be applied and cut perfectly, but they also need the BEST home care. Fortunately Hello Beautiful Salon best salon ft. lauderdale carries these products!

Longer hair and extensions require extra care. Created with Moringa Oil and Biotin, the Long Sexy Hair collection features five products that work together in perfect harmony to keep long hair and extensions moisturized, smooth, shiny and smelling luxurious.

Specifically created for those with extra long tresses, this line helps gently detangle those inevitable knots without compromising any strands.

  • Moringa Oil is a great moisturizer that prevents breakage. Its high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties help soothe irritated or sensitive scalps.
  • Biotin is proven to make hair grow faster, thicker and stronger.

Long Sexy Hair Luxurious Shampoo: This shampoo is free of SLS and SLES sulfates and gives long hair moisture and shine. The shampoo provides great lather, helping remove dirt and residues in a gentle, effective way. Best part: Since it’s sulfate free, it won’t dull colored hair.

Long Sexy Hair Luxe Nourishing Leave-In Detangler: Detangles and leaves hair looking and feeling moisturized. Spray on damp hair and blow dry using your favorite styling products.

Long Sexy Hair Luxe Soft & Gentle Dry Shampoo: This dry shampoo helps cut down your client’s morning routine. Infused with Moringa Oil and Biotin, it’s soft and gentle while still absorbing impurities from the hair between washes, leaving hair feeling refreshed.

Long Sexy Hair Luxe Blow Out Soft & Gentle Dry Spray: This dry spray is a heat protectant that helps keep long hair and extensions from tangling while blow drying. Apply to damp hair prior to blow drying and this spray will help lock in moisture and add shine.

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